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Passing the Nursing Board Exam - NCLEX-RN exam, is all about being prepared and ready to apply your Nursing knowledge. NCLEX IS NOT A NURSING SCHOOL TYPE ASSESSMENT!

Enter the most comprehensive and constantly updated NCLEX Learning Library. Quality courses, comprehensive study notes by top NCLEX and nursing authors. Tens of Thousands of nursing graduates prefer learning here yearly. Why?

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  • Master the NCLEX-RN exam in all areas tested with a deep dive in commonly tested sections.
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  • Analyze your test readiness with topic/module focused tests and quizzes.
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Learning Tip:

Sara Colston, Ph.D, RN
Sara Colston, Ph.D, RN

Quick NCLEX EXAM TIP: In a standard four-answer NCLEX multiple-choice question, if you can systematically eliminate false answers, you can reduce the four-answer question to a two-answer one and thereby make your chances as good as those in the true-false type of question; that is, the odds will favor your guessing half of the answers correctly.


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Courses Included with Purchase

2500+ NCLEX Question (Practice/Study Assignments)
2500+ NCLEX-RN Practice Questions (Daily Practice Series)
5 Course Bundle
[2017] NCLEX Assignments: A 30 DAY Question/Rationale Exam Prep Assignments.
A 30-Day Schedule of Pinpoint NCLEX-RN PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS- delivered for your exam prep - Daily!
1 Course Bundle
NCLEX-RN®: Prioritization, Assignment, Delegation and Management
A Pinpoint Practice Question/Rationale primer for US/Canada NCLEX Board Exams
Crystal Garcia, RN
NCLEX: Exam Taking Strategies (Updated - 2017)
Must Know tips and information: NCLEX Exam taking strategies
3 Course Bundle
Take the NCLEX PRACTICE Test Drive (150+ Scored Questions & Rationales)
Y. Braden, MSN, RN
Physiological Integrity (Pharmacology)
​The Physiological Integrity category contains the majority of the questions on the exam, about 43-67%.
Louise Lopez, RN
NCLEX STUDY TIPS: Study Strategies + Common Exam Acronyms & Abbreviations
Crystal Garcia, RN
Learning to Learn: A Primer on How to Study & Test Prep Effectively
Guidelines for isolation and standard precautions
P. Novak
BONUS NCLEX COURSE: Question Walkthroughs & Breakdown
Y. Braden, MSN, RN
NCLEX: Safe, Effective Care Environment
Sandy C. Delacroix, Ph.D, RN

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"This is an excellent NCLEX Learning library — definitely worth checking out! I told all my Nursing School friends - most who were repeat test takers! Immerse yourself in the strategies covering the test plan --- then practice, practice, practice. I passed after 2 years of ZERO study!!"

- John Wilcrest, RN, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas

Our TOP 10 Student Questions About the NCLEX-RN Exam

1. Why is passing the NCLEX-RN. a requirement for being licensed as a registered nurse?

- To protect the safety of the public by limiting the practice of Registered Nursing to those individuals who have passed an examination, which documents ability to practice competently, knowledgeably, and safely

2. At what level of practice is the NCLEX-RN. designed to measure competence?

- Entry-level Registered Nurse Practice.

3. What are the two major considerations in the selection of content to be tested on the NCLEX-RN. ?

- Frequency with which the information is needed in day-to-day practice and the criticality of the information to the patient.

4. Who are the writers of NCLEX-RN. test questions?

- Registered nurses who work with new graduates in their practice.

5. What is the predominant type of question found on the NCLEX-RN. ?

- Multiple-choice questions.

6. How many questions does one have to get right in order to pass the NCLEX-RN. ?

- It varies because NCLEX-RN. is a computer adaptive test and the decision on whether a test taker passes or fails is based on the difficulty of the questions answered and not on the absolute number.

7. What is the maximum length of time that one can take to complete the NCLEX-RN. ?

- 6 hours.

8. Do you need to be proficient in use of a computer in order to do well on NCLEX-RN. ?

- No, studies have shown that computer proficiency has no effect on passing or failing.

9. Can you skip a question on NCLEX-RN. and go back to it if you are not sure of the answer?

- No, a question cannot be skipped and once a question has been answered and the ENTER key has been hit the second time to register the answer, one cannot go back to the question.

10. Does having the test stop when only 75 questions have been answered mean that you have failed?

- When the test stops after the minimum of 75 questions have been answered can mean one either passed or failed. The pass/fail decision is based on the difficulty of the questions answered correctly or incorrectly, not on the number.


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Depending on how much you need to study and prepare, we have an affordable monthly learning plan. Some repeat test takers can also choose to buy certain modules individually (Especially Practice Questions and areas failed before). After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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